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A Compromise Agreement [technically called a Settlement Agreement since July 29 2013] is a common method of resolving an employment dispute without the need for legal proceedings.

Our Compromise Agreement Solicitors offer the independent legal advice that is compulsory under the terms of a compromise agreement. One of our team will also put their name to a Compromise Agreement contract, a further requirement of a deal, proving both yourself and your employer have had separate legal advice in agreeing terms.

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Free Specialist Legal Advice

In most Compromise Agreements, employers pay the employee’s legal fees. We can help;

  • by advising you whether the agreement is fair and reasonable
  • by advising you on your employment options if you are not happy with the Compromise Agreement
  • by negotiating, if necessary, with your employer for better terms
  • by advising on the most tax efficient method of receiving a payment under the agreement
  • we also provide regular legal advice on MARS – the NHS Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme, as well as the various Voluntary Early Release Schemes (VERS) run by the MOD [for both military personnel and civilians], NHS and the Home Office

My Settlement Agreement – Do I Need to Meet My Solicitor?

Although you do need independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor, it’s not necessary to meet your solicitor face-to-face to get that advice – unless you particularly want to.

Our experienced employment team are happy to take instructions from you by e-mail and phone – or if you prefer we can arrange a Skype conference. We regularly advise on and negotiate comprise agreements, the clients throughout England and Wales – so wherever you live and work, we can help.

When Will I Get My Compensation under the Agreement?

The payment date will be specified in the terms of the compromise agreement. ~

Usually payment is made within 7 or 14 days of the agreement having been signed by all parties.

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Our solicitors can offer the independent advice you need wherever you are.

Your instructions can be easily taken by e-mail and telephone – compromise agreement documentation can be sent to us by e-mail, avoiding the necessity of meeting face to face – though we are happy to conduct such meetings locally at our offices in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

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